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  •  Elephant Camps and Resort in Myanmar

     Myanmar is well-known with diversity of species, and variety of natural resources that it is an absolutely wonderful paradise for ecotourism. The national ecosystems are considered to be one of the biological reservoirs in Asia. Contribute to that diversity is the existence of elephant together with its vital significance in Myanmar culture and history. That is not all; elephants are also of major economic importance in timber industry of Myanmar. According to the 1999-2000 report of the Union of Myanmar, There were 4.075 elephants in timber harvesting operations. Elephants are undoubtedly providing an invaluable service to the country, not merely by supporting the national economy but more importantly, by conserving the environment as it is universally accepted that animal skidding is the most environmentally friendly method of logging. Elephant skidding will continue to play a vital role in the timber operations of Myanmar Timber Enterprise (MTE) for the foreseeable future, particularly in the mountainous and swamp areas of Myanmar’s forests.

    Pho Kyar Elephant Camp Forest Resort

     Pho Kyar Forest Resort is located in Yedashe Township of Thargara. It is 10 miles 2 furlong from Thargara. in the area of Swa forest reserve area. on the bank of Thaing creek. The resort has 20 acres in area. which is larger than Myaing Hay Wun Elephant Camp. This forest can be accessed from Yangon to Swa Township. Thargara by car is 204 miles. From Thargara to Pho Kyar Resort the drive by car is 10 miles all seasons. Like many other forest resorts. it has a great opportunity to study natural forest plants including different species of hardwood. large forests teak wood. other valuable forest plants different life span bamboos. cane and different flora. Tour offers elephant riding for short trips and long trips. Bathing and washing elephants can also be viewed.

    Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp

     Green Hill Valley was founded in 2011 by a family with a history of working with elephants in the Myanmar Timber Enterprise (MTE). The focus is primarily on providing care for elephants that are no longer fit to work. The family realized that Myanmar elephants working in timber camps were in precarious situation as logging slows down due to a variety of factors. Another reason for starting the GHV camp was the desire to educate and share information with both local residents and foreign visitors. In 2012, the family managed to hire several disabled elephants from the MTE and a five-year-old male was added in July 2012. Thanks to the income provided by visitors, elephants at GHV can enjoy their full retirement and receive the veterinary care they require.

    Myaing Hay Wun Elephant Camp

     Myaing Hay Wun Elephant Camp is Located in Taikkyi Township of Yangon Division. It covers an area of 10 acres. It was established in 1986. It is easily accessible by car from Yangon to Taikkyi Township and only about 90 minutes drive. The distance is about 48 miles on the Yangon-Mandalay Highway Road. The wildlifes in this Myaing Hay Wun camp not only has Elephant but also other wildlife animals. The Elephant Camp is a great opportunity to Study the nature of wildlife and at the same time can get the recreation from the city. The tour includes trekking with elephant about 45 minutes. Along the trekking journey by riding elephant you will see beauty and serenities of natural virgin forest it’s surrounding would be unforgettable. Tourists can also see the bathing of the elephants with their mahouts. The elephants are treated well and also have medical treatment for their health.

    Chaung Tha Elephant Camp & Resort

     Chaungtha Elephant Camp Resort is opening on the way to Pathein – Chaungtha Highway between Chaungkoung Village and Sipgyi Village near 26 mile in Irrawaddy Division. That is also famous Elephant camp. You can enjoy elephant riding, feeding them and camp offer picnic lunch for visitors.

    Ngwe Saung Elephant Camp

     30 minutes from Ngwe Saung through the devastation of Pathein road landscape, there is a sign “Elephant Camp” which gives you an excellent opportunity to observe these mighty beasts as closed as their nature. It is the real interested elephant camp. You have to come and contribute to help alleviate the plight of these people. The place can be depressing but helping children in the school and learning about reality of our country is important. The children of these families start work in this camp at 9 or 10 years.

    Wingabaw Elephant Camp

     Wingabaw Elephant Camp used to be a former logging mill. Due to logging ban in Bago Yoma for the current president term, these semi retried elephants and their handlers were moved here from Dawei Logging Facility to entertain the tourists. It has been turned into a tourist attraction and they opened their doors in November 2016.Located a mere 2 hours drive from Yangon and off the national highway road, on Phayargyi Road lies. Newly opened elephant camp called Winga Baw. You can take part in bathing these tamed creatures which the ritual itself is entirely different feeling. The one month old baby elephant were such a delight and a very curious one.


     * Please contact us for more detail more information of All Elephant Camp and Resort. We are very sure that you would be satisfied with our offering excellent services about it.

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