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  • Naga, The Highlanders of Chin State

    In the Northwest Frontier of Myanmar, along the Patkoi Mountain Range, there the highlanders called Naga live at the foot of Mt. Saramati, 3862 meters high. They are one of the races of Myanmar and have about 64 different clans. The most famous nine are: Gonwan, Hymmye, Kahyaung, Lautaw, Linenong, Makuri, Makyan, Marnaut and Tangun. They live mostly around the Patkoi Ranges and on the western hills of the Chindwin Riverís sources.
    Naga biggest festival is New Year festival called Kaing Bi and celebrate at January 15th. The festival site is chosen by Naga festival committee and held by participating some of the Naga delegates of the every tribes of Naga in the festival. Thus this festival is the most colorful festival in the country and all celebrate the New Year festival together. The festival site for this year is Leshi where most of the main tribes such as Makyan Naga, Ponnyo Naga, Lai Naung Naga, Hyne Myay Naga, and Nauk Au Naga live harmoniously. They wear the most colorful costumes. Men wear fantastic headdresses of colorful hornbill feathers, beads and wild boar tusks which are necessary ornamentals items of the costumes. For the women, bright red and black stripes on the sarong (htamein) which is dyed with natural dye and decorated with so-called Naga Pattern. They wear red and white beads around their necks and tattoo on their foreheads and chins. By seeing their tattoos, it can easily identify which tribes they are from.


    Tours Program (7days/ 6nights)
    Day 1 (Jan 11)
    Arrive Yangon by morning flight and sightseeing. Stay overnight at hotel, Yangon.
    Day 2 (Jan 12)
    Fly to Hkamti via Mandalay, half hours cruises from Hkamti to Sinthae village by crossing Chindwin river. Lunch and refreshments at Sinthae village and continue to Leshi by light air truck. Arrive at Naga Land, Leshi, in the evening and check into your fantastic accommodations that built with native materials. Dinner and rest for the night.
    Day 3 (Jan 13)
    Visit to Naga Villages around Leshi and their ways of life, study dancing and singing the rehearsals of the groups. Dinner and Overnight at Leshi.
    Day 4 (Jan 14)
    Watch for the erection of the traditional Naga Ceremonial Pole at the festival grounds. Pre-sport contest in the morning and various Naga Clans in all their traditional costumes will be there to participate. Performing Stage show by the Naga Youth in the evening. Dinner and overnight at Leshi.
    Day 5 (Jan 15)
    The official opening ceremony of Naga New Year follows by the array of program, including Dance and Sport competitions. In the evening, a large bonfire is lit and everybody take part in welcoming Naga New Year, dancing around the bonfire. Dinner and overnight at Leshi.
    Day 6 (Jan 16)
    Leave the Naga New Year festival and head back to Yangon by the same route. Stay overnight at hotel, Yangon.
    Day 7 (Jan 17)
    Morning shopping and transfer to the airport for departure by evening flight.