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  • Your Star For 2009 !

    Sunday:: Monday :: Tuesday :: Wednesday :: Rahu ::Thursday :: Friday :: Saturday

    SUNDAY (Garuda)

    Loans will be overdue. Fatigue of mind and body is foreseen. There will be good fortune in education. There will be exceptionally successive improvements for businessman. Distinct change will take place. There will be improvement in life. In the realizations of aims, in lieu of another's aid, personal efficiency should be favoured. That practical will be different from the planned will be observed. Ideas coming up this period are to be used practically to result improvements. In spite of wasted money, mental fatigue and bodily tiredness, you efficiency will be thoroughly recognized. Difficult problems will pacify.

    • Lucky color : Orange , Yellow , Red
    • Lucky No : 1, 11, 22
    MONDAY (Tiger)

    Seemingly good but a bad period. Obstacles in every matter. Emotional upsets, obstacles and problems arising are not because of your own personal cases, but due to your over good will, extremely kind heart and spoiling nature towards others. Family and social welfares are to be led and resolved. Good period for travel matters. Good fortune in travelling. Good results, such as successful aims and resolutions, are foreseen this month. Direct contact with far-off lands will result beneficially. Slight ill -health of elderly female family member is foreseen. Occasional loss of personal belongings. Although planned travel had to be cancelled, one will have to be made.

    • Lucky Color : White , Green , Silver
    • Lucky No : 2, 11, 22

    TUESDAY (Lion)

    Emotional upsets are foreseen. Speech will run well. Misspoken words cannot be allowed. Much as matters are done neglecting own benefits and with genuine good will, stress and emotional upsets will have to be experienced. Exceptional care must be had in behaviour and in outings. Matters should be done replying on given situations rather than on plans. Work not given priority to money will turn out to be advantageous. Long term investments should not be made; returns will be overdue. Great care must be taken in driving vehicles Emotional upsets concerning Tuesday and Wednesday born people will be encountered. Loss in money matters can occur. Meat must be avoided.

    • Lucky Color : Red , Pink , Blue
    • Lucky No : 3, 21, 30

    WEDNESDAY (Elephant with Tusk)

    Improvement in life can be found in competitive work. Aims and desires can be achieved using time systematically. New ideas should be used for improvement in life. No matter how smooth the matters run, you will have no desire to stay in your present work. Change in desired. Good change with improvement will be had. Help will be asked for and will have to be given. Money matters in business can be done systematically and successfully. Sound improvements in business will be made. Signing documents and talking financial responsibility for others must be avoided. Change aims will lead to improvements in life. Matters should be done personally rather than together with another person.

    • Lucky Color : Lemon, Pale, Green, Blue
    • Lucky No : 1, 3, 5, 6

    RAHU (Tusk less Elephant)

    Exceptional change and improvement will be made. Loss of personal belongings will occur. You will be pick pocketed while travelling. Ill-health to an elderly female is foreseen. Frequent on the move is foreseen. Contact will far-off lands will be made. Other races will be advantageous. Talk on housing and vehicle matters will be successful. Minor accident to right leg will occur while outing. A friend will come and borrow money. Refuse, loss is foreseen. Verbal confrontations will occur. Dangers are in the environment. Rivalries are in the surrounding. Expenses will be heavy. Opposing verbal statements will have to be spoken with friends and close one. Case concerning changing in the environment will have to be helped, with success.

    • Lucky Color : Black, Gray, Dark, Blue
    • Lucky No :

    8, 9, 6, 4

    THURSDAY (Rat)

    Aims will see success. Business and wealth will improve. Life will improve. New ideas will come into action. Novel matters will have to be handled with success. Talks on accommodation will be successful. Using rising opportunities will give improvements. Family properties thought to be lost will return. Success over others can be had due to intelligence. Business aims will be successful. Overdue loans and properties will be had. Other races and nationalities will be advantageous. Temporary separation will beloved ones is foreseen. To heighten good fortune this period, pray a being the required wish, lighting a white candle on a white pebble. This will exceptionally heighten good fortune and invite money-luck.

    • Lucky Color : Pink, Red, Dark, Crimson
    • Lucky No :  3, 6, 9, 12
    FRIDAY (Guinea-pig)

    Aims will succeed. Overseas journey is foreseen in the family. Other races will bring benefits. Ideas concerning changes will be realized successfully. Those who have been helped by you will be successful. Business and wealth will increase. You will be helping other people rather than doing for your own affairs. Few people will understand your genuine good will. Loss of money or properties in business will return. Things thought to be eternally lost will return. Office staff will have to do extra work and take extra responsibility. Dealings with new environments will have to be made. As programmed work will not turn out well this month, improvements in life must be found from given situations. Important matters should be done on Thursday, Friday or Tuesday of the month.

    • Lucky Color : Red, Pink, Blue, Cream
    • Lucky No : 6, 15, 24, 33

    SATURDAY (Dragon)

    This period has directions for good fortune and improvements in life. Ideas and aims should be systematically carried out. Own personal efficiency must be applied in realizing aims and objectives. Using arising opportunities systematically will realize desires. This is a suitable period to talk about money matters and old loans within the family. Blocked cases will reopen. Direct dealings with foreigners and other races will give success in business. Slight danger from dishonest persons will occur. Wealth will increase. Change of house and vehicles in the family can be systematically made. Loss of personal belongings can occur on Sunday and Friday this month. To have better fortune this period, curtains at home must be washed and cleaned or new ones must be used.

    • Lucky Color : D-Blue, Black, Red, Maroon
    • Lucky No : 8, 17, 23, 42


    Predicted by Sir San Zarni Bo who has been professionally engaged in Myanmar astrological field since 1978. He achieved the 20th Century Achievement Award from International Biographical Centre and 1997 Man of the Year from Cambridge University in 1997.