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  • Traveler's Tips

    Generally, traveling in Myanmar is rather cheap, say, you can comfortably spend a week with about 300 dollars. However certain rates are not the same for local and foreigner, and generally they are more than double for the latter in some issues like plane/train-ticket as well as entrance fees for some historical or cultural sites.
    Price (Approximate)
    Ks 1500~2000 (Only in downtown area)
    Ks 2500~3000 (From Sule Pagoda to Shwedagon Pagoda)
    Ks 8000 (From Yangon International airport to downtown)

    Journal - Kyat 600~

    Kyat 200

    Kyat 400

    Chinese noodle - Kyat 1500~
    In this age of globalization Myanmar is also hardly avoidable the influences of the western culture like other Asia countries. Myanmar people love to wear their traditional nether garments - Sarongs or Longyis - although shirts, T-shirts, blouses, jackets, jerkins, cardigans, and the like may be worn as upper garments. Most young people love to wear light and casual dress freely like T-shirt, jeans, etc.
    DO's :
    Should dress decently within the precincts of religious monuments. Light clothing is suitable year round except in hill regions where a sweater or jacket is useful, particularly during winter months as evenings may be quite chilly. Should bring slipper, scandal as they are easy to be removed at the Pagodas, Temples, Monastery and other religious buildings.
    DON'TS : As Myanmar is the Buddhist country you will find the following facts be useful on traveling in Myanmar.
    • Shoes, socks, stockings are to be removed at Pagodas, monastery, and other religious monuments.
    • Shorts, mini- skirts, bra-less T-shirt should not be worn within the precincts of religious buildings.
    • Women are not allowed to climb up upper part of the Pagoda/temple.
    • Avoid from touching heads of Buddhist people particularly to children since some may be superstitious.
    • Always remove your footwear before entering a Myanmar's house.
    • It is much more desirable to keep your both palms against breath when greetings people.
    • Photographing of military buildings are prohibited, and always ask for permission before taking photos of people particularly hill tribes. It is wise not to speak politics in public.
    Quality products are generally available in cheap price. The following items may be your helper while traveling in Myanmar:
    Torch-light Much more handy to explore the cave like Temples of Bagan.
    Lighter Can be used for multiple purposes.
    Glasses For those who wear glasses, a spare pair is advisable.
    Medicine Most of the medicine are locally available, but much more recommend to bring  adequate supplies of any prescription medicines.
    Insect-repellent Mosquito repellent are widely used and if you plan to trek in remote areas it is wise to bring mosquito-net.
    Film Make sure to take enough of films as local availability is limited in brand.
    Rain-coat An umbrella or raincoat is advisable during the monsoon months. A hat, a pair of sunglass and high-factor block cream is useful when sightseeing. Want to try Myanmar dress! The cost of a cotton longyi is approx 3,000 ~ 7,000 Kyat plus sewing cost 500 ~ 1000 kyat.
    Gifts Small general stuff like sweets, lighters, ball-points, and cigarette are appreciated by local people especially for kids and rural folks.
    Normally it is more expensive for foreign travelers by air-route, rail-route, and water-way except land-route by express-buses which accept local currency.
    Air-Route Although it is expensive it is more suitable for those who are lacking a long visit.
    Train-Route Comfort, spacious mean of traveling but take longer, and higher in price than the express-bus e.g. Yangon ~ Mandalay : US$ 35
    Sleeper-trains are quite comfortable and normally used by those who are not that accustomed to  long-hour bus.  
    Express Bus Compare to train, it is rather cheap and so comfortable. Most of them leave morning and Evening and have a break for dinner. Yangon~Mandalay (Approx US$ 20)
    River-cruise Water-way along the mighty Ayeyarwaddy is rather fascinating. Mandalay ~ Bagan cruise is usually enjoyed by a great number of tourists.   
     Being a tropical country let's try to choose the most comfortable means of transports out of following:  Apart from taxi there are vehicles called trishaws that contributed in transporting sectors of town. Don't forget to negotiate the price before.
    CITY BUS There are YBS numerable bus line system in Yangon. Their City Bus lines run for townspeople in in big cities like Yangon and Mandalay. However they are overcrowded during the rush-hours. As the number of bus is written in Myanmar and English But direction places are written by Myanmar only.
    TAXI Don't forget to negotiate the price before.
    TRISHAW It is a kind of bicycle on three wheels that accommodates 2 passengers seated back to back. Approx Ks.300~
    RENTAL BIKE Can hire at Mandalay, Bagan & Inle region for sightseeing.
    HOUSE CART Can hire Bagan, Pyinoolwin for city sightseeing .