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  • Hotel In Mandalay

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    Restaurant Bath Tub Internet Pool

    Mandalay Hill Hotel
    Your golden memories will be timeless during your stay, enhanced by the fun-loving hospitable people of Myanmar whose lives remain simple and relaxed. More ...
    Sedona Hotel
    Situated right in the heart of the city and faces the city’s glorious sights – the magnificent Mandalay Hill and majestic Royal Palace.
    More ...
    Mandalay City Hotel
    Warmly welcome with professional service. A choice stay at the Royal City !
     More ...
    Mandalay Swan Hotel
    The only resort-style hotel in Mandalay. Provide you an excellent service with smile and flawless attention to detail, which reflect the Myanmar Character, Individuality and hotel philosophy.
    More ...
    Nadi Myanmar Hotel
    A place overwhelmed with warmth, friendliness, joy and comfort and your stay will be an unforgettable one.
    Nadi Myanmar Hotel is the perfect choice of a hotel in the majestic city of Mandalay. More ...
    Emerald Land Inn
    Two double-storeyed buildings of green glazed bricks and stucco carvings and six chalet type bungalows with facades of their own. Our motto is “Fulfilment of the needs of our Guests”.
     More ...
    Hongta Hotel
    Newly constructed in 1996. A classic management for esteemed visitors who expect a classic home-like hospitality…… You will have an unforgettable experience in your life!  More ...
    Pacific Hotel (Under Renovation)
    Located quite in front of railway station in the center of Mandalay. Easily accessible to reach major tourist sites. More ...
    Treasure Hotel
    Located in a five-acre park on the bank of Ye Zit Kan (a small lake) not far from the Mandalay Palace. More ...
    Silver Swan Hotel
    Situated in the heart of the city and overlooking to the whole city. Easily accessible to main attraction tourist sites.  More ...
    Unity Hotel
    27th & 82nd street (corner), Mandalay, Myanmar.
    Tel: 95-2-28862, 32479
    Fax: 95-2-33467t  More ...
    Sunrise Hotel
    Newly constructed hotel in 2003. A classic management for esteemed visitors who expect a classic home like hospitality. More ...